Let us introduce the driving force behind Workflow It:

Jonas, a visionary leader with a passion for creating a better work-life balance. Early in his career, Jonas faced the challenges of burnout, which became a pivotal moment for him. This experience led him to rethink his approach to work, realizing that true success comes from working smarter, not harder. By prioritizing well-being and finding the right balance, Jonas has crafted a richer, more fulfilling life that he is eager to share with others.
Today, Jonas serves as an agile coach, guiding a dedicated team that reflects his values and philosophy. At Workflow It, we are committed to fostering a healthy, positive work environment where everyone is encouraged to grow and excel. Our team places a high value on maintaining strong, supportive relationships, ensuring we work together harmoniously to deliver exceptional results for our clients.
We believe that by focusing on well-being and teamwork, we can achieve remarkable success and make a meaningful impact in the industry.

We at Workflow it allow ourselves to be guided by our inner compass to create a sustainable, communicative, highly productive and well-being team.


We push boundaries and take bold steps towards innovation. Here we challenge ourselves and leave our fears behind. By promoting creativity and the exchange of ideas, we create a place where innovative solutions flourish. We are brave, we take risks and we grow together as individuals and as a strong team.


In our world, psychological safety is not just a concept, it is our fundamental belief. Here we firmly say NO to ruling techniques and instead choose to build bridges by listening, having honest and open dialogues, communicating, respecting and valuing each other's opinions and ideas. Every individual deserves to feel seen, heard and respected.


The flow of inspiration is constant with us. We are passionate about sharing knowledge, experiences, successes and failures to inspire others. By sharing our enthusiasm and experiences, we hope to inspire and drive forward positive changes in working life. The Workflow it team strives to be a role model and inspire other companies and individuals to embrace Agile methods.


At the heart of Workflow it flows a stream of positive thinking. We embrace an optimistic outlook and believe in the power of seeing opportunities instead of obstacles. Through positive thinking, we can transform setbacks, mistakes and failures into valuable lessons that strengthen us. By learning from our mistakes, we can find new ways to grow and develop. Failure is not the end, but rather a new beginning. With a unique perspective and a deep conviction that nothing is impossible, we pave the way for innovation and growth.


Let's not forget the joy and fun of work. Having fun with your team is important to creating a positive one work environment and promote creativity and productivity. Laughing and sharing joy with colleagues can not only make the working day more pleasant, but also strengthen the team's cohesion, well-being and cooperation. For us, celebration is more than just achieving success. It is about to acknowledge every progress and achievement, no matter how small or large.